What can you do to help us prepare your order correctly?

Please keep in mind that to complete your order successfully you should send us finalised output files: pdf or tif.



- PDF x1a, 1.3 or 1.6

- flattened to the background and saved with the LZW compression

- should not be password protected

- resolution should be selected according to the size of the print (see list below).

- should contain Trim Box

You can also send us .jpg or .eps files. In that case, the completion of the order might depend on additional work of a graphic. It might extend the production process, as well as influence the final price of your order.

Because of potential errors and mistakes that might occur in the production process, we cannot accept for completion of the order any open files, such as: ai, cdr, indd, psd, etc.

Please do not use overprints in your artworks, unless you are a 100 % sure of the final result.

Fonts in the files should be turned into curves and all the elements of the graphics should be embedded in the file. Each design must be prepared in a separate file or on a separate page of a multipage PDF file.

To obtain the right saturation of the black colour depth on UV/Solvent prints the following values must be used: C50 M50 Y50 K100.

To obtain the right saturation of the black colour depth on Sublimation (textile) prints the 2 following values must be used: C0 M0 Y0 K100

SPECIFICATION guidelines for print files preparation

All files must be prepared in CMYK colour space with an 8-bit colour depth and must be scaled 1:1 or 1:10.

Resolution of the bitmaps (.tif files included) must be selected according to the size of the print as indicated in the list below:



Less than 0,5sqm - 300 ppi

0,5-1 sqm - 200 ppi

1-2 sqm - 150 ppi

2-5 sqm - 100 ppi

5-25 sqm - 80 ppi

25-50 sqm - 50 ppi

More than 50 sqm - 30 ppi

When designing your artwork, please keep 5cm safe area for important elements of the graphics, such as logos, letters, etc. In case of a print with a sleeve, please keep a safe area equal to to 5cm + size of the sleeve measured fla flat. If you order a print on a textile material, please see document „Addition 3”.

In case of products that are stretched on a frame, please include 6 cm of bleed per side. 3 Please add the 0,5 cm of bleed per side in each print.

SPECIFICATION guidelines for print files preparation


Files that are to be printed on templates provided by Piar, should be prepared with this template. Do not scale the template, nor remove the template’s layer (CUTCONTOUR).

If the size of the artwork exceeds the width of the material, the artwork is divided into panels.The panelling is made by the Printing House. If you divide the artwork into pieces on your own, we cannot guarantee the pieces will match perfectly. If the bleeds will not be included in the artwork, we will add them ourselves based on mirror image of the graphics, if possible.

However, you should remember providing us with a file that is not prepared according to the specifications above will influence the time and price of your order.

To ensure the printed graphics will be correct, remember, apart from the production file, 



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