Corrugated Cardboard
Benefits of the different types of corrugated cardboard flutes
Single Wall

E FLUTE (1.5mm)

A very popular fine flute commonly used for small packaging, presentation boxes and countertop displays. It gives a good level of crush resistance and better compression strength than solid fibreboard.


B FLUTE (3mm)

A widely specified flute profile. For more prestigious appearance and where you need longevity, choose EE flute instead.


C FLUTE (4mm)

A larger flute than ‘B’, offering greater compression strength and ideal for brown cartons and simple packing boxes.

Double Wall

EE FLUTE (3mm)

Our most popular flute for prestige displays, and an excellent board for printability, strength and long term performance.


EB FLUTE (4.5mm)

Stronger and thicker than EE flute, EB is a superb board for outer packaging and strong cartons, with the same excellent properties for printability.


BC FLUTE (7.5mm)

When strength and performance is essential, this board is highly recommended. Commonly used for freight pallet bins and very large boxes.

MDF and HDF boards
Made mainly from debarked pine and spruce wood, consistently high-quality fibre and a light colour. Owing to its fine fibre structure, this classic material is ideally suited for working and shaping.
Metal sheets and Wire
Durable and universal material for cost effective long lasting displayers.


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